Life is a permanent change so why shouldn’t we follow the flow ?


It’s not easy for some people to question themselves and to review their life.

Because we realize we’ve made choices we didn’t really want… but we made them because of FEAR.


The Coronavirus confines us to our home and suddenly stops us in our incessant whirlwind!
All our usual behaviors are stopped.

We have to detach ourselves from our daily lives and adapt to an unforeseen change that impacts each of us.

Even if our first power as a human being is adaptability, it is not easy to change our habits and take new ones, even if they are better for us.
In one article of my blog, about change at work, I refer to the Brain that tends to stay focused on the short-term outcome and on the immediate pleasure with the fear of leaving its comfort zone.


Today, this global virus encourages us to recognize ourselves, to take the time to review our situation and get back to the basics to change ourselves!


“What do I really want now? Does my place currently make sense for me, or should I have to make space for something else now?”