The INVISIBLE ones, the forgotten people!

In this time of confinement, we speak a lot about people who are locked in their homes.

We therefore see a lot of shared ideas about how to feel good at home and how to support those who feel lonely and fragile.


Also, every day, at 8 pm in France, we thank all caregivers who help us to take care of ourselves, with unfortunately minimal conditions to assist us.

Finally we realize  of the importance of the quantity and quality of the health centers throughout the globe.

As well, we start to take into consideration health priorities (gowns, masks, equipment, infrastructure) to ensure optimal care.

I thus hope that the awareness of our health care system will make things happen on the ground quickly and effectively!


The invisible : our Heroes

Today, I would like to write for our heroes who help us live our confinement well.

As you know, daily I like to unleash the potential of people I meet.

That is the reason why today I would like to reveal the importance of those who help us to live this period of confinement :

Those who, thanks to them, we continue to have the essentials at home in order to live this change well.


I would like to highlight through my words those who are called “INVISIBLE”.
Those who work every day in any condition for us.

Working people who are forgotten because they are not seen or denied for various reasons.

coronavirus cleaning

I am talking about those who

– bring us hygiene in our neighborhoods

– ensure our safety

– carry our food needs to us

– ensure the functioning of the shops that are available today.

Those working people who are on the ground, day and night, and who are not considered enough.


With my article, I would like to thank all those who are mobilized daily to ensure that we are well at home!  Through this period of Corona virus, I hope that our view of them will evolve and that from now on, we will consider them at their fair value, because these « invisible ones » are the most helpful in our daily life.


Thank you for sharing if you agree with me, because at our level I do think we should support the « heroes of the front line ».

the invisible ones